American companies and celebrities are turning against discriminatory election laws

The report was signed by multinational corporations such as Amazon, Facebook and Goldman Sachs, wealthy businessmen Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, leading law firms, voluntary organizations and celebrities such as George Clooney, Paula Abdul and Naomi Campbell.

The text agrees that “we must all take responsibility for the protection of electoral rights and against any legislation or action that prevents voters from having a fair and equal opportunity to vote.” Published in the New York Times and The Washington Post.

The initiative was initiated by former American Express CEO Kenneth Senold and two African Americans, Merck CEO Kenneth Frasier. Both are mobilizing the business world after enacting legislation against electoral fraud in the southern state of Georgia, for example by better verifying the identities of voters by mail. Critics say the Republican majority rule primarily restricts access to the ballot boxes of African American voters.

The new law has drawn sharp criticism and calls for boycott have been heard from the economy and the sports world. For example, the North American Baseball League MLP has announced that its final match will no longer take place in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. And actor Will Smith will not be filming his next film about the history of slavery in the United States – as planned – in Georgia.

Many large companies in Georgia, such as Delta and Coca-Cola, have been severely criticized for not talking about the law. Eventually, business leaders expressed their disgust, which led to criticism from a Republican perspective.

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For example, in Senate Mitch McCann, the Republican minority leader called on companies not to get involved in politics, especially when it comes to “highly controversial topics.”

Georgia was one of the states that helped Joe Biden win his election last year because of the historically high turnout of black voters. Similar legal texts are produced in countries such as Arizona, Texas, Florida and Michigan.

Former President Donald Trump has never conceded defeat, and the controversial laws come after Democrats insisted he stole the election.

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