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The U.S. Department of Justice has compiled a history of press calls during Donald Trump’s presidency Washington Post, The newspaper published the news on Friday. The creation of telephone data files is part of an investigation into the leak surrounding Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The leak came under investigation at the start of Trump’s presidency. The Justice Department, which plays the role of the American lawyer, also sought to capture the email history of the Washington Post reporters.

Journalists Ellen Nakashima, Greg Miller and former Washington Post journalist Adam Andes received a letter from the judiciary on Monday. It’s about the call history of home phones, landline phones at work and mobile phones.

“We are very nervous about the government using its power to access the media data of journalists,” said Acting Chief Editor Cameron Barr. Washington Post. “The judiciary must immediately clarify the reasons for this violation in the actions of reporters who pursue their business under the protection of constitutional freedom of expression.”

Proponents of constitutional freedom of speech in the United States and the United States have long been critical of US governments’ attempts to access media data to detect leaks. According to critics, this would reduce governments’ press freedom unjustifiably.

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