American parents are very angry with Disney and Disney +

In the United States, two dead listmovies and Logan Now on Disney+ (here in the Netherlands this has been the case for some time). This makes them the first R-rated films to be added to Disney+ shows in that country.

Now that all three films have been shown on Disney+, the Parents, Television and Media Council (PTC) has been highly critical of Disney+. The streaming service had reneged on its promise.

No rated content
When Disney+ launched, the company said it would only release family-friendly content. PTC President Tim Winter says adding a file dead listmovies and Logan He breaks that promise.

“Three years ago, The Walt Disney Company promised all families that there would be no R-rated movies on Disney+. They said it would be a family-friendly platform. They said we have Hulu for more mature content. But it turns out they were lying. After decades of great commercial choices , which has established itself as the world’s most trusted family brand, Disney’s C-level group has decided to flush it completely down the toilet.”

Earlier this year, Disney also added DefendersVerse to its offering, a TV-MA series also designed specifically for adults.

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