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A science by itself

In a log cabin in Shrouven, Thomas Buren showed at the Museum of Candlestick Sunday how he can make good brandy from fruit.

On a Sunday at the museum, Thomas Burin tells how he makes liqueur with his own fruit dripper.

Photo: Barbara Hettich (Amriswil, March 7, 2021)

The fruit distillation machine imposed by Thomas Buren stands in front of the log cabin. A fruit and sturgeon grower from Chressibuech (municipality of Hefenhofen) explains what happens when it starts to boil in a copper kettle. A Bunsen burner provides the necessary heat. “This makes controlling the temperature much easier than a wood fire,” Burin reveals.

Then it requires patience. Indicators on the thermostat begin to rise slowly, and visitors have the option to look through a viewing window at the cauldron and lighthouse or to disturb the sturgeon with questions.

What Makes Good Cognac? “It’s the mash, or the way to prepare the fruit,” Burin says. “I can’t even make a good brandy from a poorly mashed mixture.” The sweeter the fruit, the strongest candied. It is forbidden to add sugar. It explains which fruits are cut and which are squeezed, and when to remove the seeds from the prunes or not.

After about an hour and a half it’s time: the distillate flows as a liquid in a high percentage in a calibrated schnapps kettle. Thomas Burin is satisfied with the result. As it turns out, he also knows his trade has sampled a variety of brandy and alcoholic drinks made with apples, pears, peaches, cherries, rubies and peaches.

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Many visitors are satisfied

On Sunday, about 50 people visited the log-frame house. “It’s very interesting,” says Brigitte Stahel, a member of the operating committee and director of the museum’s program. “There were again many visitors who were in the wooden frame house for the first time.” The log cabin opened last November, and now the museum has made a successful start to the New Year with Störbrenner Thomas Burren. In the museum on Sunday 2 May, the focus is on the herbs when witch Claudia Burin talks about them.

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