Amsterdam is becoming one of the darkest cities in the world (for this reason) | Life

Feel Good Contacts, America’s leading contact lens expert, explores the brightest cities in the world. This analysis surveyed 50 cities on the planet, called average daylight hours, levels of air pollution and levels of artificial brightness.

Guess what? Amsterdam is not yet bright … Our capital is ranked 44th out of 50, making it one of the ten darkest cities in the world. Seventh, to be exact.

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The darkest city in the world is Bogot in Colombia. The average daily sunshine time here is only 3.64. The brightest city in the world is Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, with an average of 8.84 hours of sunshine.

Other cities in the top 10 dark places are Reykjavik (Iceland), Luxembourg, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Wellington (New Zealand), Vilnius (Lithuania), Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria) and Taipei (Taiwan).

Saudi Arabia is actually a huge desert, so it gets an enormous amount of sun, and Riyadh is located in that desert.

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