Amsterdam is the 3rd best medium-sized city to live in worldwide

What is the best city to live in? Boston Consulting Group polled more than 50,000 people worldwide, DIt turns out that life is good in Amsterdam.

For its study, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) analyzed nearly 80 cities around the world along five dimensions: economic opportunity, quality of life, social capital (safety and how residents interact), interaction with authorities and rate of change. (ie: how quickly the other four dimensions change for the better).

In order not to compare apples with oranges, the advisory divided the surveyed cities into four categories: megacities (more than 10 million people), large cities (more than 3 million people), medium-sized cities (less than 3 million people) and cities in developing countries (in which the number of inhabitants does not play a role).

Within its category (mid-sized cities), Amsterdam is only ahead of Vienna (second place) and Copenhagen (top of the rankings). According to BCG, our capital is thriving in terms of economic opportunities. Within that dimension, Amsterdam scored higher than Vienna and Copenhagen.

Where does Amsterdam fall? The city gets its lowest score on the rate of change – a dimension where Vienna scores even lower. For Copenhagen, opportunities lie mainly in the field of communication with the authorities: within this dimension, the Danish capital has reached its lowest score.

Not the first time

It is nothing new for a consulting firm to conclude that life is good in these three European cities. For example, Mercer said some time ago that Amsterdam was an expat-friendly city, Vienna was repeatedly named the best city in the world by the same organization, while Copenhagen consistently made the top 10.

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BCG also noted the qualities of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vienna in a previous study of the world’s best cities. For example, Copenhagen ranked fourth at that time, Austria ranked seventh (along with Beijing), and Amsterdam ranked fifteenth.

Best of the rest

In the current BCG study, Warsaw (Poland), Stockholm (Sweden), Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), Oslo (Norway), and Abu Dhabi (UAE) are the top ten most liveable mid-sized cities. ) and Hamburg (Germany). In short: a European hegemony.

According to researchers, the best megacity to live in is London (United Kingdom), followed by New York City (USA), Shanghai (China), Beijing (China), Los Angeles (USA), and Paris (France). Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Istanbul (Turkey) and Osaka (Japan).

Additionally, Washington (USA) is the best big city to live in the world. The second state is Singapore, followed by San Francisco (US), Guangzhou (China), Madrid (Spain), Boston (US), Seattle (US), Dubai (UAE), Sydney (Australia), Atlanta (US).

Among all cities in developing countries, Bangalore (India) is the best city to live in. In the same country, Mumbai and Delhi are ranked second and third respectively. The fourth state is Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), the fifth is Cairo (Egypt), the sixth is Nairobi (Kenya), and the last state is Lagos (Nigeria).

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