An aggressive citizen attacks an employee of the Suriname Herald telecom company

He reported the 25-year-old CC to Latour Police Station on February 16, after assaulting a telecommunications employee and smashing the window of a service car. The suspect was arrested and detained after consulting with the Public Prosecution Office. On that day, the command center transmitted a message to the Latour police that an attack and serious destruction had taken place in Latourwigs.

The police came to the scene to conduct an investigation, which revealed that employees of a telecommunications company were busy working along the highway. They reported that a patient young man supposedly thinking about not having access to the Internet came to them and asked how long it would take before he could access the Internet again. The staff asked him to be patient, as it would take some time to work.

The CC didn’t receive that response well and when he noticed that the internet problem was not yet resolved, he armed himself with a beam, assaulted the foreman and then smashed the side window of the service vehicle. After the act, he left the place.

The critically injured employee has been personally taken to the emergency department of Paramaribo Academic Hospital for medical assistance. The accused CC was brought before and after consulting with the Public Prosecution, and detained.

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