An airline strike in Italy also caused the cancellation of flights in the Netherlands

Photo: ANP

A strike by Italy’s air traffic control caused the cancellation of flights across Europe, including in Schiphol. For example, KLM canceled five return flights on Wednesday due to the promotion. Passengers have been rebooked. A look at the departure boards shows that some EasyJet flights from Schiphol to Italy have also been cancelled.

According to Italian media, there were several simultaneous strikes on Wednesday. Actions are not only taken by air traffic control. Pilots and cabin crew at budget airlines Volotea, easyJet and Ryanair in Italy have stopped operating.

The unions had earlier issued a call for employees to strike for several hours on Wednesday. The companies had separate complaints. But the common denominator is that employees want more salaries and better arrangements, for example, applying for time off.

EasyJet, among others, had already issued a warning about the strike on its website. People traveling to and from Italy have been advised to closely monitor their current flight information.

In total, about 360 flights were canceled, affecting more than 4,000 passengers, according to the UIL Trasporti trade union. But air traffic control hasn’t completely shut down, some flights have been routed through the airspace as normal. For example, Italian airline ITA, which succeeded Alitalia, said 99 percent of its passengers could be transferred.

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