An American stabs the bull that attacked his daughter (1): “I thought she was going to die” | abroad

An American mother stabbed a bull that attacked her daughter with another bull. The one-year-old from Pico Rivera, California, sustained multiple injuries in the attack, as were three other members of her family.

Grandma Margaret Morales, the owner of the pit (two brothers who have been with her from an early age and mainly live abroad) tell ABC7 News That the dogs responded to the crying of her granddaughter. NBC 4 Relatives reported that the girl, Ruby Ann, had a toy dog ​​in her hand. They were said to have just taken a bath when Ruby’s mother saw a dog biting her daughter’s leg. “I thought my daughter was going to die,” said the mother.

The grandmother said that family members immediately came to their rescue: “When I entered the kitchen I saw my daughter and son trying to scare the dogs. My daughter got up and then I saw my granddaughter. One of the dogs clung to her left leg. I pressed my hand between his jaws and then let it go.” The dogs then continued to attack and did not calm down. “The dog grabbed my hand and my daughter also resisted biting.” The whole battle took no more than four minutes

One-year-old Ruby Ann Cervantes was attacked by two bulls.  She fractured her thigh.

One-year-old Ruby Ann Cervantes was attacked by two bulls. She fractured her thigh. © ABC7 News

Finally, the mother decides to grab a knife to save Ruby. “I wanted to get him out of my daughter,” says the mother, who could not attend because of injuries to her face. NBC 4 He wanted to appear on the screen “It was either the dog or my daughter — and I chose my daughter. I did what I had to do to protect my baby because he wouldn’t leave him. I had to do it. I feel really bad about it, but I had to.”

One pit bull eventually died from stab wounds. The family said the other dog would soon sleep. The women were treated at the hospital for their wounds, and Ruby was placed in intensive care after an operation. Grandma Morales said she had injuries to her ankle, leg, hip and shoulder, “but she’s strong.”

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