An aquarium at the Berlin Hotel with a million liters of water and 1,500 fish exploded

In Berlin, a sixteen-meter-high aquarium was opened on Friday morning. Two people were injured in this. Opened in 2004 and popular with tourists, the world-famous Aquadom was once the largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium in the world. The tank was destroyed in one hit.


A spokesman for the fire brigade confirmed that all 400 hotel guests and local residents had been evacuated. The force of the blast damaged windows and doors. Debris flew into the street. The explosion was so huge that two of the city’s seismographs recorded tremors.

There is also a lot of water damage. An estimated 1,500 fish did not survive, according to the German newspaper picture. These are colorful tropical fish, such as the clownfish, longfin batfish, and Picasso’s surgeonfish.

Police said two people were injured by flying glass. They were taken to the hospital due to the injuries. The damage to the hotel is massive. More than 100 rescuers rushed to the scene.

Huge explosion

Hotel guests were forced out after the blast and were taken away on buses. “Early morning I heard a huge explosion,” says hotel guest Eva Yudinsky picture. I didn’t understand what was happening. I called my friend and went to her room. From there we saw the fish tank and all the destruction. Everything is under water. ” A politician who also spent the night at the hotel spoke of “a major disaster for the fish and the hotel.”

Christian also stayed at the hotel with his wife. “We heard a loud bang. Then we woke up. My wife said something went past the window. I woke up shortly afterwards and saw that the fish tank, which was still standing yesterday, had collapsed.”

1 million liters of water

According to firefighter Klein, the water needs to be pumped out quickly, because water affects the stability of the building and may cause more unsafe situations. Therefore, the roofs and walls must be free of water as soon as possible. This is a huge undertaking, because the cylinder used to hold a million liters of water.”

The firefighter cannot determine what caused the sink to explode. How this might happen remains to be seen in further research.