An Australian court has ordered the trial of Malka Leifer in connection with a sexual assault case

Ms Leifer’s attorney, Nick Kaufman, said in an email that the amount of evidence that would determine whether to pursue a case was “too small.”

“According to today’s decision, Ms. Leifer’s decision to make a minor decision as guilty is clearly unfair,” he added. “Ms. Lifer has the right to be heard before a jury finally duly instructed, where the credibility of the complainants will be fully tested.”

Ms. Leifer, an Israeli citizen, visited Australia in 2001 and later became President of Israel. He fled to Israel after details of the alleged attacks in 2008 surfaced.

Australia demanded her expulsion in 2014 after a public campaign of three sisters. The trial was initially delayed when Ms Leifer was found mentally unfit to surrender, and the slow pace of the case has drawn criticism from Israeli lawmakers from the Australian legislature.

In this case, the same Orthodox Israeli minister, Mrs. Leifer, was a member of the cabinet of then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Yakov Litsman. Israeli Police Mrs. M. Life is unquestionable.

But after seven years of legal battle, The Israeli court ruled in May 2020 He was a pseudo-psychiatrist for many years and underwent handover procedures. He was deported to Australia in January this year.

After the Israeli media Report Attorney General Avichai Mandplitt had announced that he would charge Mr Litsman with breach of justice and trust in the Leifer case.

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