An evening without the hassle with the slapstick

Circusweb is no longer known as Circus VarietyWeb, but the article about Slapstick’s annual festival can be found in Dutch theaters.

Släpstick was founded in 1997 under the name Wëreldbänd and thanks to its many successes abroad, the name Släpstick was chosen in 2019: Ro Krauss, Willem van Baarsen, Rogier Bosman and Sanne van Delft met while studying at the Conservatory and decided on the form. The band later became a five-piece band with John Pitman, bringing a sense of humor and musical adventure. At the time, Wëreldbänd was directed by Carol de Rouge, who at the time called the band a worthy successor to Mini and Maxi.

This season they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. So the performance takes the form of a party in the style of the 1920s. That’s why this year the band is hosting an annual event called The Roaring Twenties. The reviews are very good, the performance was given five stars!

In recent years, Slapstick has toured not only in the Netherlands but also in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and New Zealand with ‘various shows at a high level of laughter’. Slapstick has won numerous (international) national awards such as the Johann Cartbridge (NL), Comedy Award Moires (D) and The Spirit of the French Award (UK).

So slapstick is a real treat with a quiet image. Invite audiences to come to the theater in party attire Amsterdam and the Hague Before she shines abroad again.

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