An explosion and fire destroyed the gas pipeline between Lithuania and Latvia

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A gas pipeline between Lithuania and Latvia has caught fire after an explosion, Lithuanian gas transport company Amber Grid reports. Lithuanian public television channel LRT is showing footage of a pipe fire in the Panevezys district in northern Lithuania.

The gas supply through the pipeline has been shut off and the fire is now out. The flames reached up to fifty meters high and could be seen for miles around.

The fire brigade watched the fire, but did not put it out as long as gas was still flowing from the pipe. “Any attempt to extinguish the fire now is futile, it would be a waste of water,” a spokesperson said.

The fire was clearly visible from afar:

A major explosion and fire in the gas pipeline between Lithuania and Latvia

Amber Grid is investigating how the explosion occurred, but the company has not yet considered an attack. However, all options remain open

The collision and fire damaged one of the two parallel pipelines. Amber Grid will run gas through the other pipe again in the next few hours. Customers should not notice.

Lithuania borders Belarus to the east and the Baltic Sea to the other side. There, the Nord Stream pipeline between Russia and Germany was destroyed last year.

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