An FBI document has been released to search Trump’s home, many details are currently deleted

He. She FBI document The surprise raid on the home of former US President Donald Trump, was released on Friday. The judge ordered it. However, many details were rendered illegible.

It is a statement issued under oath. He explains why clues were found behind the search for Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Twenty boxes partially contain top-secret government documents spasm taken.

Many of the details in the document are painted black. It is said that 23 of the 32 pages in the document were painted (almost) completely black. This relates to information that could harm a criminal investigation.

The names of witnesses, FBI agents and others involved have also been omitted to prevent them from being at risk if their identities are revealed. FBI agents have previously been harassed after the raid on Trump’s home.

Trump handed over 15 boxes of documents to the National Archives earlier this year. It contained newspapers, magazines, print news articles, photographs, printed materials, notes, presidential correspondence, personal archives, and “many classified documents” of classified, classified, or top-secret status. There were 25 of the latter category.

The Justice Department wrote that there are good reasons to believe that “evidence of obstruction” will be found at the Trump home.

Make the document public

Among other things New York times And the Washington Post, they went to court to see the document. They hoped this would clarify the potential criminal offenses that the police had invoked to justify the search.

Trump also called for the document’s classified status to be lifted, in part assuming the issue was politically motivated. But he filed a case demanding the FBI halt the investigation until a regulator is appointed.

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