An injured woman crying on the rock can’t remember who she is and the police in Croatia are baffled | Abroad

Croatian police are looking for more information about a woman found on a rough rock. The woman speaks “fluent English”, but does not remember who she is.

It was a fisherman who discovered the woman on a steep rock in a bay near the island of Krk. She had injuries to her face and was crying. The hunter himself could not reach the rock without danger, so he warned the police.

The authorities then sent a rescue team with two jeeps to the scene. In the end, they too had to leave their cars and walk more than 3 kilometers to reach the woman.

“It’s strange that it was there at all. It’s a hard-to-reach part of the bay, with terribly sharp rocks. It’s comparable to razors that cut the rubber of your shoes,” one resident told the news site. 24 sata.

there is no phone

Local police said the woman was 1.80 meters tall and had shoulder-length brown hair. When I found her, she was wearing a pink sun hat, a striped shirt and dark pants. She had no identifiable documents or phone. I spoke Fluent English.

She was also so weak that she could no longer drink on her own. She is currently being treated in a hospital in mainland Croatia. “No ordinary person can swim in the rock. Then you need extraordinary strength. Moreover, there is hardly any food,” said one of the residents.

The police distributed some pictures of the woman to illustrate the details of her life.

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The island of Krk, with an area of ​​u200bu200bmore than 400 square kilometers, is popular with tourists. A bridge connecting the island to the mainland of Croatia. However, there are still many inhospitable areas, where hardly anyone comes.

A village on the island of Krk.

A village on the island of Krk. © Thinkstock

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