May 25, 2024


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An intriguingly illustrated book series, deemed unfilterable

An intriguingly illustrated book series, deemed unfilterable

Few stamps are as annoying as the one in The Unphotogenic Book. For years, countless surnames have been very well known – from Game of thrones And the Sand dunes until guards And the catch 22. The worlds would be too complex, the stories too comprehensive or the style too vague. In practice, it often turns out that this is not so bad, as long as there are people who have a vision behind the buttons.

Most of the books of successful British author Neil Gaiman are also considered unfilterable. Gaiman writes huge books on deities and myths, and the edit is often met with skepticism beforehand. In an adapted movie, the viewer should take his hand a little more and what on earth are you doing with all those gods and myths?

Despite this, Gaiman’s books have produced some great cinematic adaptations over the years. good omen For example, the Amazon series became entertaining starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen, while the first season of their epic American Gods, including Amazon, have suggested that a very complex book could indeed be turned into a stunning movie. Unfortunately, that last title quickly lost track, but that was mainly due to the chaos behind the scenes.

Gaiman’s hit series hypnotic He also seemed doomed to a place on a Hollywood shelf with “unrelenting substance.” Numerous attempts have been made to bring the books to the public since the 1990s, but plans have always failed in the development phase. The conclusion was usually: the books are very strange and very complex.