An online storytelling platform full of chatbot ideas

It’s about the English-language platform Clarkesworld, a publisher that publishes stories by authors like Jeff VanderMeer and Catherynne Valente. Clarkesworld’s editor-in-chief disagrees Watchman More than 500 stories submitted have been rejected in recent weeks.


People can submit their stories and get a chance to be featured in the magazine. They get money for it.

Since the arrival of ChatGPT, the chatbot that made artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, there have been surprisingly many stories. This is probably because influencers are promoting the platform as a way to make a quick buck.

Editor-in-Chief Neil Clark says he had no choice but to close the subscriptions. In a typical month, maybe ten stories have been rejected for plagiarism, and now everything appears to be written by ChatGPT, he explains.

And his platform isn’t the only one with this problem: He also hears from other editors that they are overwhelmed with story ideas.

“This will not go away.”

“It’s not going to end and I don’t have a solution for that,” Clark says. “It’s impossible to detect if something is written by AI. The people causing this problem are not part of the science fiction realm, they just want to make a quick buck.”

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