‘An Unfortunate Plan’

Plans to cut through an outdoor dyke and give free flow and free control only exacerbate the existing problem, Peek thinks: “We really have a shortage of space in the Netherlands. According to Farmers’ Foreman, the interests of farmers, nature, entertainment and housing are already under pressure.

Therefore, Pack considers depolitering patterns not to be considered, but rather a different solution: reclaiming new land, but outside the dykes. “Then we can test whether the concept that the researchers tried to simulate through the samples is correct. If that happens it’s pretty cool, because there’s a new area that we can reuse,” says Peckey.

You will get saliva as you let the salt water into the folders. “

Joris Packe, President of ZLTO Zeeland

The farmer from Niue’s name also disagrees with the argument that exchange poles can prevent saliva: “You get saliva by letting salt water into the poles.” Pecke thinks that transmission drills can only stop saliva if it spits all over the land. According to scientists, this happens at three to five centimeters a year. “So that’s an unfortunate plan in that regard,” Pack says.

Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. “A lot of value can be gained from it, for example by cultivating mussels or cultivating sambar. And it is good for tourism through nature,” the researchers wrote in their report.

Outside the dyke

The head of ZLTO Zeeland also sees these economic benefits. But those benefits are also reflected in polishing the land outside the leachate. “An important plus: you don’t have to flood a good folder for that,” Packe says.

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The fact that the farmers were not asked for input by the drafters of the projects pains the pack. He has a lot of homework for researchers. But above all, he wants to get involved in devising new projects: “They can start it at the first opportunity.”

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