Analysis: “Flames hit their target, but this elimination really hurts” | Red flames

However, the Flames can walk away from the European Championship with their heads held high. In a tough group with Iceland, France and Italy, the Flames finally qualified for the quarter-finals against the latter.

“It’s not really easy to get into the quarter-finals,” former Red Flame Helene told Jacques de Morgan. “It was a tough group and I think we can be satisfied. The quarter-finals were an early target and they have been achieved.”

It didn’t diminish the very late dismissal against Sweden: “It will definitely hurt the players and the staff. It was definitely a deserved win for Sweden who continued to play in the Flames’ half in the second half. Some important saves from Evrad.”

Goalkeeper Nicky Evrath was one of the absolute stars of the Flames in this European Championship: “He distinguished himself together with Sari Keys. They played very consistently. It is clear that there is a very stable and strong defense, but there is. They scored very little (4 times) in this European Championship.”

“There will undoubtedly be an analysis after the European Championships. If they want to take another step forward, they will need a bit more in the opposition half.”

After the game, co-commentator Imke Courtois gave all his analysis: “We knew early on that Sweden was better and it showed”, he started a conversation with his co-commentator Aster Nseimana. “In possession, the Flames dared to play football at times and they kept the ball well in the team.”

“Sweden had many chances and deservedly deserved it, but losing at the last minute is always very painful.”

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How highly should we really rate Sweden? “I still see them 2 or 3 levels higher than the Flames,” Courtois continues. “If you look at the matches their players are playing and how involved they are in football, the difference with the Flames is huge.”

Goalkeeper Nicky Evrad was once again outstanding for our Red Flames. Like Hélène Jaques, Imke Courtois impressed at her European Championship: “She has a lot of quality when playing football and in terms of reflexes. The question now was whether she could continue that at the international level.”

“The Flames have shown bold ambitions to reach the quarter-finals at this European Championship. It’s not always pretty against Iceland, but they’ve grown in this tournament.”

Now the Flames must try to qualify for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023: “Norway, the biggest opponent in this European Championship, has been dealt a heavy blow. I highly rate the Flames’ chances,” concluded Courtois with confidence. .

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