And Elon on the class. Voice preferences: “Maybe I make choices that people don’t understand.” Turns out

Coach Cezina describes it as a “great talent” with a voice that “wows us all”. However, it is not ready yet, he says. I want her to have a future full of gold and platinum and from the reactions I don’t have to worry about that. However? What I especially want her to do is that she can be a 16-year-old girl who can take a break from everything that is expected of her, because in my opinion, she can’t fulfill that expectation yet.

About Senja Waylon she says she doesn’t need The Voice. ‘Behind the wheel, you mark your destination … (…) Senja is behind the wheel and knows where to go. I saw it well and luckily, I called her a few times a week and we’re busy setting a record, says Waylon. She writes great songs! I wish everyone good luck, but above all I wish everyone what they think is the best! “

Sending Senja and Cezina away resulted in the delivery of the lot Friday evening commotion On social media. Several viewers found it incomprehensible, and even reported that Waylon is killing The Voice itself.

RTL also fully supports Waylon’s decision. An RTL spokesperson said when asked, “Waylon has picked two talents for the live show that he thinks they can win in the final.” “This is totally in line with the look and in the program he is free to make these choices on his own.”

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