And the weird Arizona recount also makes some Republicans so ridiculous

They search for traces of bamboo on ballot papers, they search for a watermark with purple UV light, they are looking for destruction Files In a computer system. Run by a company called Cyber ​​Ninjas, they are looking for evidence that Joe Biden didn’t get the most votes in Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest precinct, on Nov.3. If they find evidence, their mission is accomplished, because the recount taking place these days in a ballroom on the Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona, is blatantly biased. It’s so biased that it makes even district Republicans uncomfortable.

On Monday, the Maricopa County Electoral Council wrote an angry letter to the president of the Arizona Senate. The elected Electoral Council, responsible for organizing, administering and counting the elections, is made up of four Republicans and one Democrat. In March, the Electoral Council itself organized an investigation into the elections in Maricopa. Then two certified companies, with experience in recounting, decided that the voting machines were not defective and that there was a defect There are no irregularities in the result Previously.

For the Republican majority in the Arizona Senate, this result was not satisfactory. They have demanded ballot papers and machines for recount, and have already circulated the individual accusations via their Twitter account. So that The “complete database” of one of the voting machines has been destroyed – Not true. Leave the electoral council In a speech on Monday be seen. The bags of votes could not be sealed – it was, the Electoral Council writes.

All the rumors go back to the source: Former President Donald Trump

The allegations of the Arizona Senate and Cyber ​​Ninjas fit seamlessly with the claims behind these particular recount. For example, one of the “experts” in front of the TV explained that there was a rumor 40,000 ballot papers were transferred from Asia to Arizona. Rumors of a ballot watermark, which the Trump administration would like to use to distinguish between true and fake, come from QAnon supporters who specialize in monkey stories. And all the rumors go back to the source: former President Donald Trump.

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New electoral laws are under preparation

Before the election, Trump said he would only lose if there was fraud. When he actually lost, he repeated that charge and maintains it to this day. If he’s the only one who feels this way, he’s just a bad loser. But the influence of the former president is still significant. A survey by CBS news channel and YouGov this week showed just that 67 percent of Republicans surveyed do not believe Joe Biden is the legitimate winner From the presidential election. 66 percent of Republicans said it is (very) important to remain “pro-Trump”.

The Republican Party in the federal House of Representatives last week made clear what that loyalty means. Representatives, one of the leaders of the National Party, Liz Cheney, responded because since Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6, she has advocated that the former president can no longer play a role in her party. It also opposes what it calls the “big lie”: Trump’s doubts about the integrity of the election. Of those surveyed, 80 percent agreed with her impeachment, 52 percent said they did not support Donald Trump, and 57 percent said they were “not right about the election.”

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Trump’s distrust is the basis for the Republican delegates, who have proposed far-reaching interventions in the electoral system in several states. These proposals have already been enacted in Georgia, Texas, and Florida. These scourges range from woes, such as the prohibition of watering voters waiting in long lines near the polling station, to the complete takeover of the electoral organization by politicians. This means that the election results can still be influenced after the votes are counted in the parliaments of the states with a Republican majority.

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“Time to stop this.”

In this echo, Maricopa County’s recount organizers are calling, too. Cyber ​​Ninjas President Doug Logan sent some tweets after the election saying Biden had “stolen” the election. Logan has since removed those tweets. But he surrendered to the local news site AZMirror Toe He was the author of a note Posted on the website of a Trump attorney. It includes Long chain of rumors about fraud In the presidential election, which has been either guilty or withdrawn from court since then.

Cyber ​​Ninjas began on April 30, and had hoped to complete the recount of 2089563 ballots by May 14. This week, they had to make room for a graduation party, and they announced that the recount “has no deadline.” This has led to the assumption that the purpose of the fairground display is not so much Pretending If you stay for as long as possible Suggest Of fraud.

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The Maricopa County Electoral Board made a cry of despair at the end of this week’s message. They wrote: “This research encourages our citizens to distrust the elections, which weakens our democratic republic.” “It’s time to stop this.”

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