Andre Kuipers is coming to Aussendrecht

OSSENDRECHT – It is not known if he saw Ossendrecht from space, but what is known is that astronaut André Kuipers is coming to Ossendrecht.


On January 19, at the initiative of the Ossendrechtse Dorpsplatform, he will deliver an educational lecture at ZuidWest Hoek College, where he will shed light on sustainability and heat transfer.

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After Dutch-born American Ludwijk van den Berg and Boo Uckles, André Kuipers became the third Dutch astronaut. With more than 203 days spent outside the Earth’s atmosphere, he is also the most experienced astronaut in our country.

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The fact that Kuipers came to Aussendrecht means that a small village brought a big man. Ernst Megelmanns – who took the lead on behalf of Dorpsplatform Ossendrecht – is proud of the astronaut’s arrival: “As a young man I wanted to become a pilot. I’ve always had an interest in space travel.” “What the Kuipers do appeals to everyone’s imagination. He saw Earth from space, and there he also saw the vulnerability of the planet. But as an astronaut, he is also familiar with the latest and most advanced technologies with which we can protect our planet. He has a lot of good things,” says Ernst Megelmans. to say it.”


The André Kuipers Lecture will take place on Friday afternoon, January 21, 2022 at ZuidWestHoek College. The perfect place for an educational lecture. “Students who work with drones at ZuidWestHoek College, people at Aviolanda and our air base and sustainability entrepreneurs: There are many groups for whom the Kuipers lecture is interesting,” says Meijlemans, “so we think very carefully about who we are.” “

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Unfortunately, there is neither time nor space to make the lecture accessible to the public. “It’s a shame, but the fact that Ossendrecht is on the map with the arrival of such a special man is something we can all be proud of.”

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