André Van Doyen on a possible new love: ‘difficult as a character’

“You have to learn to deal with it,” said Andre when Robert asked him how he dealt with the big loss, 1.5 years after her husband’s death. “You give it a place and no one can help you with that.” He explains that he’s trying to find a lot of distraction to fill the void. “At work, for example. But you also have to learn to be alone, not only can you create an imaginary world around you. So you have to look for a distraction in your work and with friends and acquaintances. I am glad I have a lot to do. When you are busy with your work, You don’t have time to grieve. Then you’re disappointed when you get home, but you managed to spend the whole day. ”He collapsed when Robert finally asked him if he was still crying every day. “Yes, absolutely,” the announcer replies with tears. “That is still sad.”

Does he still fantasize about meeting another person? “I think about it a lot. Am I going to sit alone or looking for someone? It wouldn’t be someone I really live with anyway, I have a lot of baggage for it. Then it won’t create loneliness anymore, I think. But it’s kind of a late relationship. Someone you can count with.” Him when something is wrong and you can do nice things with him, ”he says.

“But yeah,” continues Andre, “You’re a celebrity, so it’s hard to be open and exposed. Or people think: Andre is busy, I’m not going to ask him. So I already know. No. How would you look for that? I don’t see myself on Tinder. “.

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