Andres Juncker leaves Telstar after three years: “He was given a huge applause” | Dutch football

Juncker said he has received an offer from Telstar to extend his expired contract. “I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks. There’s a big base in Telstar, we’ve made a huge explosion in football. We’ve gone from a team to U21s, U18s, and U16s as well. I’ve been sideways with the women’s team. and girls under the age of 20.”

Over the past three years, fifteen players have found their way through us, and there will certainly be one or two more next summer,” Juncker summarizes. “I am very proud of that. But I think someone else should take over. I had a really good time, I drove to Telstar everyday with a smile on my face. But I want higher, better, more. Faster than Telstar. “

Juncker, who has worked as an assistant to Louis van Gaal at FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich, among others, says he has laid a solid foundation with Telstar. The question is: Am I the right man for the next stage? I do not think so. I was able to put the foundation, the foundation is really very good. Now someone else has to expand that.”

Telstar finished 19th this season and only held Helmond Sport in the Kitchen Champion division.

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