Andretti Global wants US drivers: ‘There is no room for F1 for Americans’

With the persistent rumors surrounding Andretti Global’s entry into Formula 1, the desire for an American driver to debut in the first class is also growing. Michael Andretti, the big man behind the entire project, hopes Andretti Global will serve as a stop for American drivers.

With growing popularity in the United States, so too is the call for an American Formula 1 driver. Lewis Hamilton has previously spoken on the subject. “I think the new steps that are being taken, such as the Netflix show, really ensure that we can develop a great fan following here,” said the Briton. “Maybe now is a good time to see how we can get more people here because it’s a diverse country. I’m sure there are some great drivers here, and they have a lot of talent here. It’s going to be a good job for us to find the next.”

The road to Formula 1

Christian Horner also said earlier that the First Division could benefit from an American driver more than another American team, but Andretti does not fully agree. “We want to be an American team that wants to develop American drivers for the future. There’s no one doing that right now, but that’s what we want. There’s no real road into F1 for an American driver, there isn’t just one. We want to pave the way to the F1 banners.” employment.


One of the guys who in this situation seems to stand a good chance of a seat with the US team is IndyCar driver Colton Herta. “He should be driving in Formula 1 now. He has the talent, but he was short on money, so he went back to the States. Follow the American road there. I want to do it in a way that we can give the kids from karting a track – if they’re good.” Enough – I hope they make it to Formula One and have a team that they can do it with. We will know then that they have a real chance.”

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