Android 12 is coming: you can expect all of this

The new year comes with a new Android version for us Androidworld fans. The first new features that we may be able to see in this new release can be found in this article.

When will Android 12 come?

We can quickly get a quick glimpse of what Android 12 has in store for us. Last year, the first Android 11 developer preview was released in February. Developer Preview is a trial version intended for app developers. With this beta version, they can make their apps suitable for the new Android version.

After the preview releases, it will follow the trial versions that users can start with. Below you’ll find an overview of the dates Google released Android 11 betas last year.

Below you’ll find an overview of the dates Google released the stable versions in previous years.

Android 12 is coming: you can expect all of this

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What new features can we expect?

Of course we are all looking forward to the new functions of Android 12 and a number of them have now been leaked. We are listing them for you

1. App-paren

With the app pairing feature, you can run two apps at the same time on a split screen. This allows you to use your favorite apps more efficiently through multitasking. Many smartphone manufacturers already provide this feature with their software wrapper and Google will likely adopt this in Android 12. How might these application pairs work See you here.

2. Double click

Google has been working on a new feature in Android 11 called double click For Pixel phones, I used the codename “Columbus”. With this function, you can tap the back of the phone one or more times to activate a specific function. Examples include Google Assistant, taking a screenshot, or snoozing the alarm. Apple already announced a similar feature in iOS 14. Apple calls itPress on the backIt works on iPhones running iOS 14.

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Unfortunately, this feature didn’t arrive in the stable version but we might be able to see it working in Android 12. 9to5Google Is the symbolic name againColumbus‘Faced. Columbus is a nod to Columbus and his famous double flick from the movie Zombieland. Want to start double-tap your phone now? There’s an app for that.

It remains unclear if these functions will be available in the stable version of Android 12. If they do, we will also have to wait and see if they come to all phones running Android 12 or if they will be Pixel exclusive. In any case, we can see the first images of Android 12 in a few weeks, when Google releases its first developer preview. What would you like to see in Android 12? Let us know in the comments.

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