Android Auto is available in the Netherlands | Science

More than 100 million cars around the world support Android Auto. The apps on the phone that are compatible with Android Auto, such as Google Maps, Waze for navigation, Whatsapp for communication, or Spotify for music can be used.

The operation can be performed in various ways. Through the large buttons on the screen, the buttons on the car, or via the Google Voice Assistant. Say “Okay Google” to talk to the Google Assistant or use the microphone on the screen. Tell where the flight is going and the navigation is adjusted. Or, order podcasts or music via Spotify, TuneIn, Youtube music, or the latest news.

Although driving without distraction is the safest, it is still a great advantage that Google Assistant can read applications and the driver can answer by speech which is converted to text. Completely hands-free with a screen that ensures reasonable visibility of the road.

Users of Android 10 or higher can use Android Auto right away. All you have to do is plug in the phone to start, most cars do this via USB. More and more cars support the wireless version of Android Auto, so the phone stays in your pocket. Users of Android 9 or earlier should first get the Auto app from the Play Store.

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