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The Android virus has settled on the phones of tens of thousands of Dutch. There he tries to loot bank accounts. Anyone who cannot avoid the virus is forced to completely wipe a smartphone.

Suspicious viruses and malware often appear, but this new alternative is running like wildfire. Dutch police have warned of this On Twitter, And then RTL News You mentioned that the virus has already appeared on tens of thousands of phones.

Located in the so-called delivery services application. Once installed, the virus lurks in your banking apps, trying to change the recipient during the transfer. This way you unintentionally transfer money to criminals.

Suspicious text messages

Basically, the virus spreads one way: in malicious text messages. It looks as though DHL or UPS is sending a tracking link for an expected package, containing an app link to track the delivery process.

So those who want to avoid the virus should not click on the links in such suspicious text messages. Not sure if a message sent by a friend or family member is authentic? Then call them to see if the message really comes from them. Then you know for sure.

Play Store

The alleged delivery app exploiting the virus must be installed outside of the official Google Play Store.

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If you have doubts about a tracking message from a delivery service and still want to install an app, download it from the Google Play Store. Managed by Google.


to me RTL News You can find out if you are infected by going to Settings on your phone. There you click on “Applications and notifications” and then on “Show all applications”.

Don’t see any apps on this screen? Then you are most likely infected with the virus.

Know everything

It is not possible to simply erase the virus from the phone, so you only have one solution: return the entire device to factory settings.

This way you will lose everything, including photos, chat messages and other app information. But it also means that criminals are no longer trying to ransack your banking apps.

Have you been infected with an Android virus?
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