Angelou, 22, jumped into the water with a swimming ring during the Belgian floods and drowned

Father Gerrard was angry when he read the stories about his son in the media, he said Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. Angelou, 22, could have been portrayed as an idiot, because who jumps down raging cliffs? But that’s not what happened, Girard now tells us about that fateful day in July.

Gerard lived with Angelou and his sister, Marisa, in Leoben, Belgium. On the day Belgium was hit by torrential rain, Father Gerard went to visit his girlfriend in Germany. That afternoon, he was home for a while and watched the rain with Angelo. In some places the water was already up to the knees, but the two of them saw no danger in it.

“I didn’t think it was dangerous”

When Angelou called his father in the evening to ask if he could borrow a rubber boat to sail abroad, Gerrard had no problem with it. Gerrard tells us: “It was coronavirus, everyone was looking for some entertainment after those dead months. I didn’t really think about it, what we saw together wasn’t really that dangerous for me.” HLN.

Since Angelo could not find the closed boat cover that night, he decided to take an inflatable pool outside. He used to do this in the winter too, sliding down the hill into town when it snowed. This time he slid down the hill again, only to be taken away by the water.

Angelou sailed a little, until he wanted to get out of the band. But when he disappeared, he suddenly disappeared, as his friends later told whoever saw it. There seemed to be a vortex under Angelo, which sucked him in and pulled him into the sewer. The police were called, but Angelo was later found on the other side of downtown.

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“Hopefully nothing will be noticed.”

The boy was resuscitated in the hospital for two hours, to no avail. Gerrard’s brother-in-law is a diving instructor and told him that if you drown, you’re already unconscious after inhaling your first big gulp of water. Gerrard: “So maybe Angelo doesn’t notice anything about this underground road anymore. I hope so.”

By sharing his story, Gerrard wants to emphasize that Angelo was a very intelligent and rational boy. A student who speaks four languages, a beloved friend to many, and an adventurer. But the one who was always careful, never did things without thinking. Gerrard to HLN: “Nobody – in the whole area – had ever faced such a storm. And we were all young, right? I’ve been riding a motorcycle since the age of sixteen. I could have died a hundred times. But I died a hundred times.” lucky. And Angelo? Once, and: miss the opportunity.”

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