Anger in politics leads to a major ‘family quarrel’ between Rutte and the opposition now

Dissatisfaction between the House and the government, which has been dormant for some time, suddenly surfaced this week during the House debate over deleted text messages from Prime Minister Mark Root. what is going on?

“I usually let it run,” Rutte said sometime in the middle of the discussion. But this time, the Prime Minister drew a line. “I also defend my integrity here.”

The opposition issued a strong statement against Rutte on Thursday. In the words of PVV leader Geert Wilders, he was a “promoter”. Representatives saw the prime minister’s failure for the umpteenth time when it came to openness and transparency.

Because they are now text messages, but parliamentarians can also remember the discussions about the dividend notes, the Hawija bombing and “work elsewhere” on April 1 last year.

According to them, all are examples of Ruti forgetting things or being unable to find documents if they seemed to suit him politically. “It cartridgeGroenLinks leader Jesse Claver concluded.

“False,” Rutte called the sequence of events he deemed irrelevant. He warned against “a shift in values ​​and morals with each other.”

“How dare the prime minister warn us?”

Had it been an attempt to adopt a more moderate tone from now on, it would have failed miserably. “Now my tampon is broken,” replied Caroline van der Plas (BBB) ​​in the discussion on Thursday.

“The prime minister gets into trouble, he can explain himself here, he can say what he stands for and then it turns out to be something like: These corrupt MPs who are all asking annoying questions.”

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As was the leader of the Socialist Party Lillian Marinissen not entertaining† “How dare the Prime Minister warn us of a decline in confidence?”

“After April 1, we won’t take nonsense anymore”

What were we watching?

According to Rutte, the best way to compare the confrontation is with a “family quarrel,” he said the following day during his weekly press conference. “It is good to open the windows opposite each other from time to time and let the house pass through. This is very healthy,” the prime minister said.

But among the opposition, the outrage appears to have likely been the result of a derailed legacy. Due to the loss of documents, one of the family members benefits a little more than his brothers and sisters from the family capital. There is no conclusive evidence of intentional wrongdoing, but confidence was lost.

“After April 1, we will not accept nonsense anymore,” the opposition said. In politics, this history is now closely linked to the “job elsewhere” of former CDU member Peter Umtzigt.

Who suggested it? We still don’t know. But Rutte is still the prime suspect. Despite his categorical denial, again on Thursday. This ‘job elsewhere’ was not mine!

Rota needs the opposition to get support

However, something broke and was not fixed yet. If it can be fixed at all.

Within the opposition, we could hear that people had trusted Rutte for a long time. Cabinet hopes for a little humor during the tough debates. “You also have to leave each other a little,” said one of the ministers.

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Rutte will have to find a way to normalize the relationship with the opposition, since the coalition does not have a majority in the Senate and the government depends on their support.

In this regard, the comparison with a family quarrel is amazing: you are connected, even if your last birthday was not pleasant.

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