Anger in Spain from those rushing to the vaccination program

Many celebrities have quit

Prime Minister Sanchez’s Socialist Workers’ Party appealed to all supporters of the resignation. The opposition Conservative People’s Party made a similar appeal. ABC wrote that due to social unrest, many mayors and hospital directors have already resigned. The hospital director tried to defend himself by saying that his staff demanded that he be the first to be pricked, otherwise they would not follow him.

NOS reporter Rop Zoutberg: “Regional President Ximo Puig from Valencia reached yesterday about 200 boycotters, in his state alone. He suggested that the boycotters should not get the second dose.” But because this indirectly wastes the first injection, this is not an option. According to Zoutberg, the Spaniards are angry with the situation because the number of infections is currently rising again.

In Spain, prominent figures are not given priority over the vulnerable, as is the case in some other countries. Residents and staff of nursing homes are the first group to be vaccinated, including acute care workers. Earlier this week, the Health Ministry announced that Spaniards over the age of 80 would be next.

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