Angry Danish prince and princess accused of ‘Megxit’

At the end of September last year, Margaret announced that her son Joachim’s children would lose their royal titles on January 1, 2023. She says the reason is that she wants to ensure the three children can lead a normal life.

However, Prince Joachim does not agree with this and attacks his mother at that time. “What did my children do wrong? Nothing. And yet they are being punished. It feels like exile.”

Although Margaret eventually apologizes for the way things turned out, for Joachim it is already over. He announced that he was moving to the United States with his wife and their two youngest children. The Danish court said, “Joachim will move to Washington, D.C., on September 1.”

The intention is for Joachim to go temporarily to the US for work and come back again this year. But according to the sources, he has no intention of doing this because he would still be very angry with his mom. Newspapers speak of it as a shame that he would not be able to perform official duties in the United States as a member of the royal family, but would still keep his annual salary of 3.8 million kronor (500,000 euros).

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