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TV program Dear singers It was embarrassing because of a copyright issue. It’s about the song It’s old That Anneke van Giersbergen sang to fellow Karsu in episode five. The poet, Hakki Yalcin, filed a suit.

Anneke van Giersbergen, 48, was very pleased with the way there was also a reaction in Turkey to her version of the song in which Karsu scored her first single in Turkey a few years ago. Van Giersbergen metallic version of It’s old She even received an invitation to sing in Turkey with the song’s composer, Mustafa Sandal.

Carso, who took No. 1 with Jest Oldu, was beaten up in the broadcast by her teammate Anneke van Giersbergen © NPO

However, not everyone was happy with the cover. makers Dear singers He was recently surprised by the claim of Hakki Yalcin, who wrote the original Turkish text. Van Giersbergen translated part of the text into English and it is legally questionable whether this was permitted without permission. “The production company has requested permission for the cover, but unfortunately not from both parties,” said a spokesperson for AvroTros, the broadcaster that produces the cover. Dear singers broadcasting. In short: the author agrees, the poet disagrees.

This will be followed by a conversation between the copywriter and the production company later this week. Meanwhile, AvroTros has removed the number from social media and the website as a precaution. Just full broadcast It can still be seen. “We think it’s a storm in a teacup, and we hope that this week will resolve the issue,” a spokesperson for the broadcaster said.


Van Giersbergen hopes to also sing the song currently during her club tour shows. Then I tell the audience that there is something wrong with the rights and I ask them not to put any videos on the Internet. I think it’s a shame that this happened, because I just wanted to make my own version of a beautiful song. I changed the text to English, and the content is still the same as intended in Turkish.”

Immediately after broadcast Dear singers The song was shown on TV on September 30, and spread in Turkey. ,, The next day I was already on Turkish Radio RTL Boulevard”, says Van Gersbergen. Mustafa Sandal asked me to sing in an outdoor show in Istanbul but unfortunately I couldn’t. I will be doing some of my shows in Turkey in December, and hopefully all of that will be resolved by then. Once I allow the song to be performed again on Spotify and YouTube, I will be completely happy again.”

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Mustafa Sandal, composer of Jest Oldu.

Mustafa Sandal, composer of Jest Oldu. © Musis & City Theater Arnhem

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