Animal of the week: Blinky and his mates search for space for …

Blinkie and his buddies search for a new home.
Photo: Limburg Animal Protection Center

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Animal Protection Center Limburg has dozens of dogs, cats, rabbits and birds that are eager to find a new owner. Every week, Saskia Thiegsen puts an animal in the spotlight. This week is Blinkie.

What kind of bird is blinky and what does he do in the shelter?

“Blinky is a lovebird, also known as a lovebird. The name is Latin agapornis Means love for birds and this means that they need at least one of its kind to be truly happy. Blinky came to the shelter with several peers because their owner was no longer able to take care of them. “

What care and housing does a lovebird need?

Lovebirds can be kept indoors as well as in an outdoor bird cage. Most importantly, its wrap is big enough to flap in. They are active birds that enjoy playing. So make sure to furnish your home with difficult toys like ladders, ropes to slide and perch at different distances from each other. In addition to special bird food, they need vegetables or fruits on a daily basis. An apple, banana, pineapple piece, and corn are fine. ”

Do I have to think about anything if I’m going to keep lovebirds?

These birds are known to love, and often, to tweet. If you think you can’t appreciate it, choose a different type of bird. ”

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Do you have a place for Blinky and maybe one of his buddies? Please contact [email protected].

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