Animal system: Fast food chains treat chickens differently

The big fast food chains in the Netherlands score very differently when it comes to their efforts in the poultry sector. In the World Animal Welfare Organization’s annual list, the chicken chain KFC is once again at the top. The rival Burger King is lagging behind.

KFC’s high scores are due to the company’s commitment to the various health improvements for the chickens it uses. This includes implementing standards such as the use of slow-growing poultry breeds and providing more space for movement. With its policy, KFC ensures that tens of thousands of chickens get a better life each year, according to World Animal Welfare.

Researchers say Domino’s Pizza and New York Pizza are making some progress. Pizza chains have now signed on to the best chicken firm, but its implementation – and thus the real results – has yet to be announced.

Too bad

Rated ‘Worst’ by Burger King. This means, for example, that the burger chain is under McDonald’s. “Unlike many companies, Burger King refuses to get rid of slugs,” said Julia Bucker, the Netherlands’ agricultural campaign manager for World Animal Welfare. However, Burger King has many vegetarian and vegan options on the menu these days. Below the Dutch rankings are Starbucks and Subway.

There are differences between the countries in which the chains operate. For example, World Animal Welfare has significantly increased Burger King on the list in a few other countries. Starbucks and Subway are scoring well in the United States.

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Chains has not yet responded to the findings of the investigation.

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