Animoha Brands acquires key stake in Australian digital marketing agency

Animoha Brands, the company behind Axi Infiniti, is said to have acquired a large stake in Bee Media, an Australian digital marketing agency.

From Web2 to Web3

The digital marketing agency from Australia has offices in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney and was established in 2013. The company provides advertising and digital strategy to companies.

Although the company is not particularly focused on the crypto sector, the investment seems to be diverting Animoka’s direct target businesses to Web3. Currently, Be Media mainly serves Web2 companies.

Interested in collaboration

P Media is said to be looking forward to various blockchain initiatives of the Animoha brands, NFTs and the top Australian brands associated with the introduction of ‘Open Metawares’. Be Media commented on the new partnership:

“Be Media has embarked on an aggressive hiring process in Blockchain development and project management to support the company’s growing pipeline of operational opportunities, in line with its expanded scope of acquisitions.”

Marketing CEO Jordan Focardi is also excited about the new partnership. He added that he had the opportunity to help local businesses “get pressure” on Web3 and introduce their customers to the power of Metaverse, NFTs and digital property rights.

Web3 is becoming more and more popular

While Web2 is now widely used, Web3 is becoming more and more popular. Logically, for example, Web3 technology is now in great demand for using NFTs. Focardi says of this:

“There are many brands that want to do something on Web3, but there are not many service providers with the skills and experience, so it’s very new. At the corporate level, I wonder if many companies in this space have not done the trick.

Animoka is taking the next step in its expansion campaign by taking on key roles in the digital marketing agency. Last week, the company acquired a 96% stake in Eden Games and a 70% stake in Dervice Entertainment. These companies are expected to help develop new Triple-A video games supported by blockchain technology. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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