Anna became pregnant with Ballerin’s IUD

Anna and Lucas want to remain unidentified and their names have been changed. “I wanted hormone-free contraception anyway, so the pill was not an option.” Anna chose ballerina because it was made exclusively for young women who had not yet given birth.


But she will not have her period after employment. She does a pregnancy test and it turns out to be positive. “We actually fell out of our seats. It’s simply not possible,” the couple said. The ultrasound showed that the vortex was prolonged.

Anna and Lucas decide to stop the pregnancy. At the abortion clinic, Anna asks if he is an exception. “The doctor who helped me pointed out that she noticed that I was not the first and that it was not uncommon for someone with a spiral to end up there.”

Not an incident

Anna’s story does not turn into an incident. The vortex has subsided, and despite the ballerina, midwives sometimes see women getting pregnant. “What we enjoy with the ballerina is not what we enjoy with other curls. After being hired for more than a year, we are less excited and we have more and more questions about this,” said midwife Sane Albers.

Information about this is difficult because statistics are not yet available. “But there are so many stories you can’t ignore it,” said midwife Alige Dunk. In some parts of the Netherlands, midwives, in consultation with obstetricians, have decided not to install ballerina for now. According to the manufacturer of the ballerina, there is no cause for concern and the coil is completely safe.

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