Anne Van Dam to fight for cut in Women’s Open, Czech midfielder Joost Lloyd •

Not yet 07:00 on the east coast of Scotland, the Anne von Dam kicked off the last big day of the year with European tops Emily Christine Peterson and Celine Potier. Dutch No. 1 was a cold and drizzle of football over the much-anticipated Carnesty that had been anticipated. The start was still firm, but the air dam hit quickly when she hit a double bogey in hole 5. After one bird and two more bogeys, she went out at +3 and she couldn’t drop that score. Birdie Foot, who closed on the 18th, was on the right, after which the Arnhem woman became dissatisfied. Tomorrow afternoon Van Dam is still a full round of revenge and play in the weekend championship syllabus.

Not surprisingly, Nellie Corda was at the co-lead at the time of writing. The world number one, Olympic gold medalist and reached the 67th round for this week’s Big Top Favorite-5. Madeleine Soxstrom has already brought that score, but there are still a lot of players on the court.


European Tourism

For male golfers on the European tour who immigrated to the Czech Republic this week. After a month of rest – the ‘only right decision’ – in the capital, Prague, people were looking forward to the arrival of Justin Louis Vuitton. Fits perfectly again, in his own words, with full confidence, he started the second nine at the Albatross Golf Resort this morning. South Hollander did it with a bogey on a para-5, but three of his next five holes brought him two strokes below the scoring average. Followed equally and appeared in the formation of a score-2, if not Lloyd’s second bogey, again a long hole. -1 Since, everything is still possible this week.

Van Miguel position

Lars von Miguel wanted to continue where he left off in the UK last weekend. He soon found a bird, but did not pick up steam in his early round. De Brabander had to make a round 72 and tentatively level.

When Van Miguel finished his round, it was busy at the top of the leaderboard. Australia’s Maverick Antcliffe and Englishman Richard Manchel escaped a big draw at -4 at the time, but there was still plenty of golf to play on the opening day in Prague.


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