Annemijn van Bokhoven (SVB) on the human scale

It is indeed a complex issue. We talk to each other a lot. We share stories, and to be honest, successes help us a lot. In addition, we take many initiatives, including turning your mistake into gold. These kinds of things help your organization move forward, but I wonder if you’re really there. We have been working on the human dimension since 2016, but we are not there yet. The position of executives and management is essential. As a manager, have you ever shared a bug? Or do you prefer to hide it? Would you estimate that if the employee spent four hours on one customer, or would you prefer that they get rid of ten files? In other words, is quantity more important than quality? Awareness is the first step. And again, making a plan is fun, but it’s certainly not ideal. We are constantly updating our plans. The program was put in place two years ago, but I hardly realize it now. Not recording everything for five years takes courage. When others ask me for advice, I always say: Set clear long-term goals, but make plans for a year and then adjust again. Dare to let go and perhaps most importantly: dare to make mistakes! “

“I don’t know if others don’t. I don’t even know if we’re that different. We may have started a little earlier, but we’re also still learning. For example, I learned a lot from the UWV. They show a great deal of courage in certain areas. The difference between the UWV and the SVB is that the UWV started to implement and we are at the top. A completely different starting position and a different path, but in the end we end up with the same thing. We are in a network with 25 other government organizations, including the IND, the Judicial Council, the Tax and Customs Administration. Everyone Interested in this human dimension and everyone does it in their own way.

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“Think from your employee’s point of view. Go talk to them. Get involved in the workplace. Feel the practice and tell the story endlessly. Make it imperative. The human dimension should really be in everything and come back. Also in reporting and HR selection. If you value Really the human dimension and you want behavioral change, it’s almost inevitable that employees will get stuck on this.”

(Text: Miranda de Groene – Photography: Ivar Bell)

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