‘Annoyed’ Antony was floored

Manchester United won 0-1 against Wolverhampton Wanderers today. Red Devils. The former Ajax Brazil player has come under increasing criticism in the United Kingdom. Analyst Stuart Pearce, for example, was in green and yellow annoyed by the winger’s play and behaviour: “He annoys my life!”

Anthony was unable to break the pots against Nottingham Forest (3-0 win) and vs Wolves He was invisible. of international Selekau Didn’t even put a successful dribble on the mat and lost the ball over and over again. “What particularly bothers me is that whenever he bowls, he points to his teammates and tells them what to do,” said Pearce, who played 78 games for England.

He adds Talksport And, “Anthony has no intention of defending again.” According to the former footballer, the right-wing fullback beat Aaron Wan-Bissaka: “Wolves So you can often come to the left.”

Talk less, listen more

Pearce’s final verdict: “Anthony fails to impress. He has bowled several times. He also offers some advice to the ‘hundred million man’: “I saw Eric den Haag and Bruno Fernandes saying that Anthony can be a great player if he listens. To this day, he talks more than he listens.

Anthony’s numbers at Old Trafford have been nothing to write home about yet. He has made fourteen appearances for United so far, scoring three goals. The former Ajax star has yet to provide a single assist…

Will Anthony score against Bournemouth?

* Odds are subject to change.

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