Annual Vechtdal Day September 30 in Zwolle

There are several excursions and a ceremonial signing of a collaboration agreement on the program during Vechtdal Day 2022. Zwolle will form the backdrop for this new edition on Friday, September 30th. The network organization Ruimte voor de Vecht organizes a Vechtdal Day to explain the projects and show more about Battle Valley. Visitors can visit the many trekking projects and special sites around the Zwolle part of the Vecht River.

The day is organized by partners Ruimte voor de Vecht and starts at 12:00 in De Agnietenberg in Zwolle. Vechtdaldag is an annual event, each time at a different place in Vechtdal. Today is about developments around Vecht and this year is about cooperation.

Centuries of cooperation in Vechtdal

“Rivier de Vecht is the link between all the organizations involved in the Ruimte voor de Vecht,” Room said to Vecht’s president, Alwin te Rietstap. “The intense collaboration between 13 social and governmental organizations is beautiful and unique. The organization of the network forms the basis for many of the projects developed in Vechtdal. Sustainable development and awareness in Vechtdal are central to this.

For example, there is cooperation on large-scale projects, such as the Vechtpark in Hardenberg, Vechtoevers in Ommen, the new green canal and bridge in Vechterweerd or the development of projects in the context of biodiversity and water safety. During Vechtdaldag, we proudly present what this collaboration has achieved in our region.”

Battle Valley Day Program

After opening, visitors will split on September 30 to learn more about the different aspects of the Vechtdal program and the Room for the Vecht during the trip. From a boat trip in Vecht, to a bike ride along Hessenpoort and a walk over ancient landscapes along Vecht.

Signing up is free, you can sign up from now on

Vechtdaldag’s reception is located at 12:00 in De Agnietenberg in Zwolle. Everyone starts their journey around 13:30. The afternoon will conclude with a snack and drink around 4pm. Participation is free of charge and interested parties can register at

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