Another American man died after the police neck clamp | abroad

Mario Gonzalez, 26, was suspected of theft on April 19, but lost consciousness during a dispute with police when officers tried to handcuff him. Gonzalez, the father of a four-year-old son, died shortly thereafter in the hospital.

‘The police lie’

The pictures are again causing an uproar in the US because police in Almeida, California say Gonzalez was pushing back, which was not clear from the body camera footage of an agent. “The police lie,” said Edith Arenales, a mother in her late twenties. They say my son quarrels with the officers, but they are making a mistake. He didn’t fight with anyone. “


“This must have been a feeling of torture,” said Julia Sherwin, a family attorney who is also an expert in trying to defeat someone. “He never tried to kick or hit anyone,” said Sherwin, who was called up as an expert at the trial of Michael Chauvin, the former cop convicted of George Floyd’s death.

Almeida Police and District Attorneys General are investigating the cause of Gonzales’ death. The three agents involved in the accident have been temporarily suspended, but will keep their wages. “This is the usual procedure for such incidents,” a police press release said. “Protecting human lives is our priority as agents,” he said. “The loss of Mr. Gonzales is a terrible tragedy and our thoughts are with his family.”

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