Apple AirTag provides support (finally a positive story about the tracker)

AirTake has been in a lot of news lately, but fortunately there are also occasional positive news. For example, Apple AirTake provided assistance when a large number of photo equipment was stolen. iPhoned Says more about it!

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Apple AirDec helps capture the photographer

Apple AirDec has finally come to the rescue once again. A photographer on holiday in Australia finds his stolen items with a tracker. This includes photographic equipment worth 25 6625.

Graham Tide was on vacation in Australia in early May. While checking into his hotel, a thief stole the bag and camera from his car. The bag contained a laptop, a Sony camera, a wallet, a GoPro and $ 10,000 worth of items.

The man opened the ‘Find My’ processor as Tait hid the airtacks in his bag. Upon tapping his iPhone, he found his belongings in another hotel room. Without confronting the thief, he called the police. They arrested the culprit and returned the items. Without the Apple AirTag, the photographer would have lost all his equipment.

AirTag in the news about stockings recently

Apple AirDec has been in the news more often than not for providing help lately. Thieves can steal cars with the help of Apple AirTake. Also, a family at Disney World seemed to be following through on the Apple AirTags.

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Apple has been trying to get rid of this annoying aftertaste for some time. Airdocks are aimed at locating lost objects instead of pursuing people. Apple is adequate and some updates have already been made to make it much harder to follow. For example, the airtake sounds louder now, so you can hear it faster when an unknown airtake is nearby.

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