Apple iPhone SE 5G version comes with finance

Introduced on the iPhone SE 2020. In addition, the design and size of the iPhone 8 was reused. In the new version, the SE will be fitted with the same chip as in the iPhone 13. The phone also has the option to use 5G networks for faster internet. It also contains news about the Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. They are available in green.

The new iPad Air gets the M1 chip, which is also present in Apple laptops. This makes the tablet much faster than it was before. Until now, Apple has only placed the M1 computer chip in the larger iPads, the Pro.

The biggest surprise

The biggest surprise was Mac Studio, a completely new desktop computer. That cube-shaped computer may be fitted with the M1 Max chip, the fastest M1 Ultra or the new M1 Ultra ever designed by Apple. That last chip actually has two M1 Max chips. In addition, Apple comes with a corresponding separate screen called Studio Display. Those computers are targeted at music, photo, video and software studios.

Apple has announced that it will broadcast Major League Baseball (MLB) live on the streaming service Apple TV + in the United States and seven other countries. Mostly, these are baseball popular countries like Japan, Mexico and South Korea. Baseball broadcasts are Apple TV +’s first live broadcasts and first game broadcasts.

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