Apple may want to place more ads in the App Store | right Now

Apple is said to be planning to make more ad space available in the App Store. This is what insiders say The Financial Times (FT). At the same time, the tech company wants to impose stricter privacy rules on advertisers. Tracking the behavior of iOS users is restricted to third parties, among other things.

The tech company has always been selling ads on the App Store to advertisers. She added that Apple will now place a second ad box in its digital store, in the “Featured” section of the search page FT. This box will be added at the end of this month.

Advertising in the new space will be visible to all App Store users, regardless of how they set their preferences. Apple does not respond to the rumor of the British newspaper.

The claim that the second announcement framework is coming comes after the announcement of the software update. In the new update, it is no longer possible for third parties to track the behavior of iOS users and collect data from it.

Apple says the update is an important step in protecting users’ privacy. Critics, such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, believe the tech giant is implementing this so it can earn more of its advertising service. “Apple says it’s doing this to help people, but the move shows clear similarities to its self-interest,” Zuckerberg said. Financial Times.

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