Apple saves 6 billion euros by supplying iPhones without chargers and headphones

Since the launch of the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple no longer supplies its smartphones with a charger or earplugs. According to the manufacturer, this decision should ensure, among other things, less e-waste, although analysts note that there are also good financial advantages.

For example, Apple will save about 32.2 euros per iPhone by omitting these accessories, thanks to lower material and transportation costs. The packaging of the new product is much smaller, which means that more can be stacked on one pallet. In total, savings of at least 5.96 billion euros are mentioned, followed by an additional 268 million euros through the sale of accessories.

You can buy a pair of earphones on the Apple website for 19 euros, while the power adapter costs 25 euros.

A year ago, Apple announced its climate goals, which aim to make all products and their associated supply chain completely carbon-neutral by 2030. By using fewer materials in its products and packaging, the company claims to have reduced more than 2 million tons of carbon emissions — or 500,000 cars. annually.

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