May 25, 2024


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Apple shows iPhone owners in apps approved by the Russian government | right Now

Apple shows iPhone owners in apps approved by the Russian government |  right Now

Russians who have prepared a new iPhone from now on will see the applications approved by the Russian government. However, Apple says it adheres to the new Russian law Mac rumors.

The law stipulates that smartphones, computers, and smart TVs sold in Russia must be pre-installed with software. The idea is that Russian software makers can thus compete better with alternatives, for example, Google and Apple, the two major operating system makers for phones.

Russians who set up the iPhone will see a notification from Apple. The company wrote: “According to legal requirements, here are some apps from Russian developers that you can download.”

The apps include various apps from the Russian company Yandex, a mail app from and the popular Russian social media VK. Next to the application names there is a button where you can install them directly.

Last month, Apple said it would abide by Russian law by showing these types of apps during installation. IPhone users are not required to download apps, but everyone can see the screen. Additionally, Apple says it will evaluate the apps in advance to ensure they also comply with the company’s rules.

There was also criticism of the Russian law. Reuters He writes that in this way, Moscow imposes more control over the Internet and isolates itself more from foreign companies and routes.

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