Apple will introduce end-to-end encryption in iCloud

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Apple will store user data more securely in iCloud. Data will soon be written to the storage service using end-to-end encryption, which means that no one outside the user can see the data. The new feature will be introduced in the US starting this month and in the rest of the world in the new year.

With end-to-end encryption, the data is stored encrypted and the encryption key used is placed on the user’s device, as well as the key to decrypt the data.

At the moment, these keys are still on Apple’s servers. Thus, hackers who gain access to these servers can also access iCloud users’ data. The new security feature also means that Apple can’t provide data to governments and law enforcement agencies if requested.

Categories of sensitive data

apple Say In the explanation users can choose Advanced data protection. Prior to iCloud, the company had already used this type of security for fourteen categories of sensitive data and is now greatly expanding the number of categories.

The tech giant is also introducing an additional security feature for iMessage, allowing users to verify that the person they’re chatting with is really that person. If they wish, both people will receive a message with the same code from Apple and can thus identify each other.

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