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The last is Code of Conduct for the Protection of Species in Municipalities Agreed. The Code of Conduct for “Spatial or Organization Development” and the Code of Conduct for “Sustainable Management or Maintenance” are incorporated into this. This was a tribute to a long cherished desire from the professional field.

The Code of Conduct was developed and written by IPC Groene Ruimte in collaboration with Marieke Teunissen, on the advice of Stadswerk members, municipal representatives and contractors in the green field represented by VHG. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency also participated.

The new code of conduct for species protection for municipalities.
Concrete instructions

The extensive index of measures with concrete guidelines is new. It can be declared applicable by decision of the council or the council. Additional conditions may also be formulated in this decree to grant the code of conduct the specific local characteristic it requires.

The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Municipal Species was approved on December 17th by Minister Schoten of LNV. The code of conduct is intended for all Dutch municipalities and parties working with green spaces in municipal public spaces. It describes how careful action is taken with plants and animals protected in public places. A code of conduct has been prepared for the upcoming environmental law.

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Ralph Means has worked at Hortipoint since 2007 and is Editor-in-Chief of Garden and Landscape.

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