Approximately 70 Feline Tigers from Tiger King Lowe have been captured

Nearly Seventy Big Cats by Jeffrey Lowe, well known from the Netflix series King tigerSeized by authorities in the US state of Oklahoma. It relates to 68 lions, tigers, lemurs (crosses between tigers and lions) and one jaguar. Various American media reports this Friday.

Court documents show that the animals were sold, bought, or transported, in violation of US law prohibiting trade in protected animals. Also, according to the prosecutor, the animals were not well looked after. The animals’ behavior is said to have been disrupted by poor nutrition and substandard housing.

Lowe is known from the documentary series King tiger About zoo owners eccentric with tigers and other cats in the United States. It is the former commercial partner and rival of that series champion Joseph Maldonado-Passage – better known as Joe Exotic. Maldonado Passage is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for hiring a hitman to take out another rival, Carol Baskin. After Joe Exotic is arrested, Lowe takes over running the zoo from Joe Exotic.

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